digital promissory notes

Paper-based promissory notes are frequently used in Sweden, primarily for mortgage loans as well as business loans. As promissory notes require the holder to have exclusive access to the current debenture, these have been paper-based until now.

Thanks to the innovation trace:original, developed and patented by Enigio Time AB, it is now possible to digitise promissory notes, as well as other types of negotiable bearer documents. A digital promissory note created with trace:original exhibit all the characteristics of a paper-based promissory notes and, in addition, it makes a digital original document counterfeit proof.

With trace:original, a modern and in all parts automated management of digital promissory notes is made possible in such a way that all the protection mechanisms of debt security laws can be preserved.


When promissory notes are used they are the primary bearer of the legal agreement, which means that they are a document of value (asset) and that they are the bearer of the rights and obligations described in the document. In addition, they are also the bearer of any variations that the agreement parties may have agreed on during the term of the agreement. It carries full traceability.


The key to being able to create a bearer document in digital form is:  
a.    exclusive control/holding can be guaranteed  
b.    any copies can be distinguished from the original 
c.    amendments or variations can be added to the document to describe the status of the agreement
d.    it is freely transferable, and it can be proven, with certainty that, through a transfer, the document is in the acquirer's possession, and no longer in the transferor's possession.

A digitally-issued promissory note created with the help of trace:original fulfils all of these above points and it is freely transferable to anyone who has access to the Internet.

Additional features you get with a trace:original documents are

  • full privacy as documents are stored (arbitrarily) by the holder, no central storage

  • full secure traceability and audit trail when having access to a valid copy of the document

  • format compatible with long-term archiving   

  • both machine-manageable and also readable to humans. This creates the conditions for significant efficiency gains through automation of processing and archiving.  

  • the possibility of digitally signing of negotiable bearer documents remotely (with, for example Swedish BankID or an equivalent qualified digital signing service). 

  • the possibility of STP management

Easy for everyone

It is completely free to own, manage, transfer ownership and validate a trace:original document. The only thing that costs is to create new digital originals, all management and ownership after creation is free of charge. The asset is freely transferable.

Contact Enigio if you as a company are in interested in being able to create, manage and save your own digital originals.

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